Identifikasi Tumor Otak Citra MRI dengan Convolutional Neural Network

Nur Nafiiyah


The science of artificial intelligence and computer vision is beneficial in facilitating the detection of diseases in the medical field. Computer-based disease detection can save time. However, identifying and detecting tumors on MRI images require seriousness and is time-consuming. Due to the diversity of structures in size, shape, and intensity of the image, accuracy is needed in identifying the original organ structure and the diseased one. Previous studies have proposed a method for identifying brain tumors to produce the correct precision. In previous studies, neural network-based methods have good accuracy. We present five Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) architectures for identifying brain tumors (glioma, meningioma, no tumor, and pituitary) on MRI images. This study aims to develop an optimal CNN architecture for identifying tumors. We use the dataset from Kaggle with a total training data of 5712 and testing of 1311. Of the five proposed CNN architectures, architecture c has the highest accuracy of 82.2% with an unlimited number of parameters of 29605060. A good CNN architecture has many convolution layers. We also compare the proposed architecture with CNN transfer learning (Inception, ResNet-50, and VGG16), and with CNN transfer learning architecture, the accuracy is higher than our proposed architecture.


arsitektur CNN, identifikasi tumor otak, MRI.

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