Henry Wijaya, Beny Maulana, Dessy Ratna Putry


Abstract: Health is a basic thing expected by all human beings. The identification of the infectious disease Tuberculosis (Tuberculosis) and its management are considered very important to be used as an outreach program. Limitation of time and energy in conducting counseling is an obstacle in itself. This problem makes it a challenge in providing counseling that is not limited by time and place. Designing Animated Videos for First Visit TB Control is the solution to this problem. Designing a suitable video animation requires some basics as a reference in designing as needed. In the design, the basis will be applied to the appropriate design method in designing this animation, MDLC (Multimedia Development Life Cycle) is the choice in designing the Animation Video for First Visit TB Countermeasures. The result of the animated video that will be produced will be distributed to several media outputs as needed, so that its use can be maximized.

Keywords: Animation, Counseling, TBC, Motion Graphic, Video, MDLC

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