Peer Review Process

Every article that goes to the editorial staff will be selected through Initial Review processes by Editorial Board. Then, the articles will be sent to the Mitra Bestari/ peer reviewer and will go to the next selection by Blind peer review Process. After that, the articles will be returned to the authors to revise. These processes take a month for a maximum time. In the each manuscript, Mitra Bestari/ peer reviewer will be rated from the substantial and technical aspects. Peer reviewer that collaboration with Smart Comp is the experts in the computer science area and issues around it. They were experienced in the prestigious journal management and publication that was spread around the national and abroad. The review process shown below.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

  1. The author submits the manuscript via OJS
  2. The editor will pre-review the manuscript, if everything is good, the editor will send the manuscript to the reviewers (1 week)
  3. If the manuscript has been reviewed, and the manuscript is good, the reviewer will give suggestions to the editor to accept the submission (2 weeks)
  4. The manuscript needs revision 
  5. The editor will send notification to the author regarding revisions via OJS and email (2 days)
  6. The author will revise and resend the manuscript via OJS (2 weeks)
  7. The editor will send the author's revisions to the reviewer (2 days)
  8. If the manuscript has been reviewed and the manuscript is not good, the reviewer will advise the editor to reject the submission (2 weeks)
  9. The editor will make the decision to Refuse Submission to the author (2 days)
  10. If the reviewer makes a recommendation to accept the submission, the editor will notify the author to charge the publication fee (1 day)
  11. The author will make payment and will confirm it with the editor (7 days)
  12. The editorial team will accept submissions via OJS (1 day)
  13. Accept Submission notification will be sent to the Author via OJS (2 days)
  14. Manuscript in production process (3 days)
  15. Manuscript Published